Affleck House
Affleck House - Isometric
Affleck House - Changing the staircase
Affleck House - First floor
Affleck House - Basement
Affleck House - Section
Affleck House - Detail


Affleck House

The Affleck House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and served as a single-family home for the Affleck’s until they passed. The house was then donated to Lawrence Technological University and has not served as a home since. My idea is to bring this historical piece of architecture to life again and let it be used rather than simply looked at. It will now serve as a small, rather exclusive, Bed and Breakfast for whatever needs the university may have.

The only way down to the basement in Wright’s original plan was through the kitchen down to “the maid’s room”. My proposal is to change the direction of the stairs by starting the journey down in the hallway instead of the kitchen. By doing so, I make minimal impact on the original plans but make new use of the whole bottom floor which now adds an extra social area and more bedrooms.